Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hard Boiled Fury - The GDB TTG Success Story

Last Thursday morning to Friday afternoon, I took part in Hull University's Windows 10 Three Thing Game. In TTG events, each team is allocated three words, then given 24 hours to produce a playable game in accordance with those words. They are always enjoyable, and I encourage everybody to take part if they have the chance to.

My team and I (The Game Dev Bastards Brothers) were given the words 'Food', 'Much', and 'Many', so naturally, we based our game around food, a lot of food. We began by throwing out a few ideas as to what our game could involve. Ultimately, we decided to go with a Worms based game.

The time had come; Windows 10 was installed on the computers, Unity 5 ready to go, and a hoard of junk food purchased, so much junk food! So much so that our given words could be applied to our supply.

We decided that the game world, as well as weapons, and characters should all be based around food. Machine guns we called 'Peppersprays' (guess what they fired), pineapple grenades, banana-bombs. Currently, the only playable food character is an egg (Frank Reynolds would be so pleased), though if the production continues, more will be added. During the 24 hours, we only managed to include a single level; a candy world, lollipops, candy canes, a custard river. The platform itself was made up of cake blocks with pink frosting.

Over the course of production, we found ourselves repeatedly playing the game just because of how fun it was already. Bare-bones in terms of gameplay, but it was still very enjoyable.

Once the 24 hours were up, it was time for everybody to go around and try out the other teams' games. Frig me, there were some hugely impressive games, amazing work. The judging panel also went around testing out games for themselves. Thankfully, they seemed to enjoy our game.

Time and voting past, we all made our way to a lecture theatre for the results. Amazing, our team was in the top six! I've never placed in the top teams in a game-jam / TTG before. So happy. Finally, after the top six finalists were announced, it was time to reveal who made it to the top three. Oh, shit me! I can't believe it, we actually made it to second place! For the first time ever, I've been in a team that placed in both the top six finalists, and the top three! What an outcome. I'm so happy.
The team that won first place (and a pair of XBox Onesies) were very deserving winners; they had a game that looked hugely impressive that I hope they publish.
In my opinion, the top three (and six) places could've included any of the games produced this year, it must've been extremely difficult to judge.

I'm looking forward to working with the people in my team again soon. Cambridge is coming up next, let's hope we achieve success there as well.

I'll leave you with a video demonstration of our game (which will explain the gameplay mechanics so much more than I have in this post), narrated by the brilliant Sam Spain(.com):

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